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All books for sale below have their profits donated to United Kingdom and oversea's charities such as: The National Trust for Scotland, The Norwegian Red Cross and The Scottish Episcopal Church - aid in Zanzibar.


The Lanfranc Boys


The Lanfranc Boys - Written to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Stavanger Aircrash, 9th August 1961.  All profits to the Stavanger branch of the Norwegian Red Cross.  The Lanfranc Boys has also been translated into Norwegian and is sold under the name 'Flystyrten i Holtaheia'.

For further details about the Stavanger Aircrash:

Tea With Chrissie


Tea with Chrissie - The Story of Burg and Ardmeanach on the Isle of Mull  was launched by Waterstones in Craignure, Isle of Mull on May 16th 2007. It held number one sales position for four consecutive weeks and has sold over 1000 copies in two months.

‘Tea with Chrissie – The Story of Burg and Ardmeanach on the Isle of Mull’.  (Profits designated to The National Trust for Scotland for conservation work at Burg.)

Mull In The Making

This 40 page guidebook summarizes the complicated geology of Mull, putting its long history into a short 40 page guide, explaining to student and layman how Mull was made. More than 6000 copies have sold since it was first published, the author delighted to know that university geology lecturers visiting Mull for geological field courses buy copies for their students because Mull in the Making explains everything in a nut-shell, enabling them to build upon this basic information.

Mull in the Making – Self publication. (Author.) Third reprint. 6000+ copies sold. 

About Mull


ABOUT MULL – Iona, Ulva, Staffa, and the Treshnish Isles.

This 40 page booklet is a ‘what to do and see’ guide for all visitors to Mull and her fringing islands. It describes all the main visitor attractions, history, natural history, scenery, and days out.

10,000+ copies sold.